CHOPIN The Piano Concertos

"Empathetic accompanied by the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra under Matthias Foremny ... Scheps explores the harmonic llight traffic with subtle sound from the piano, elicits another astonishing range of dynamic nuances, which allow individual sounds sometimes shimmering faintly like pearls.

In the best moments, she succeeds in georgeous „singing“ on her instrument - Chopin's ideal was Bellini, the Italian opera! Schep´s play certainly never sugared in contempt of all the delicacy (and this is an art) ..." --Die Zeit, 25.01.2014

Along with the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra under the direction of Matthias Formeny Olga Scheps creates a harmonious and complex atmosphere, as it could be possible possible with a small orchestra.The accompaniment by the small ensemble condenses the effect of the piano and flatters without degenerating into decorative padding, as it is often heard in the criticism of the orchestration.

But the biggest compliment deserves Olga Scheps.She fully lives up to a Standard as superb Chopin performer with this recording, which was created in Stuttgart SWR Radio Studios. Her tone clear and sparkling in this highly romantic oeuvre, of which the second one especially, which was created erlier to the E minor Concerto, however is notorious for his technically intricate passages.

She copes all tripping hazards with pianistic finesse and concentrates fully on the introspection of this voluptuous dreamy work. With its lightweight, vocal tone she satifies the audience with the introverted passages as well as with the dance driven ones. And then she follows the final traces of the third set with a noble virtuosity rather than crude sensationalism of impetuous passion of the young Chopin, who has already published this concert at the age of 19, in the seemingly endless runs, she visualizes her obviously great performance as a Chopin interpreter. --Musikwoche, 27.02.2014

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