RIES Piano Concertos Nos. 2 and 9, Rondeau brillant, Volume 5

“Hinterhuber runs Ries’s technical obstacle course with ease, delivering these pieces with all the dash they deserve. And Uwe Grodd prods his New Zealanders to rise above Ries’s rather pedestrian orchestral tuttis and accompaniments. Obviously, this is a must-have for completists who have collected the first four volumes in this Ries survey. It’s also recommended to those who enjoy early romantic virtuoso piano works from the period…” --Fanfare, May 2013

“Despite his admiration for Beethoven, Ries seems closer to Hummel in these elegantly turned out Concertos. Hinterhuber and Grodd are engaging advocates.” --BBC Music Magazine, Christmas 2012 ****

Christopher Hinterhuber (piano)

New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, Uwe Grodd

The fourteen works for piano and orchestra of Ferdinand Ries stand alongside those of Hummel as the finest and most important of their kind from the early decades of the 19th century. Intensely lyrical and yet displaying at times a rugged Beethovenian grandeur, Ries’s eight concertos are works of impressive musical stature. In this fifth and final recording we encounter the first and last of his published concertos and the virtuosic Rondeau brillant, Op. 144. “Sparkling performances… the recording is first rate.” (Penguin Guide on Vol. 3, 8570440).

“Grodd offers...an imposing exposition, taken up by Hinterhuber who is equally aware of its quality. 'Skilful industry' wasn't Ries's only attribute.” --Gramophone Magazine, January 2013

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