“the Belceas' muted, breathless approach is no less effective than the extrovert technical accomplishment and timbral extremes of the LaSalle Quartet…their Verklärte Nacht bucks the trend of recent slow and solemn performances…and is fitted closely to Dehmel's lascivious storyline.” --Gramophone Magazine, October 2015

“The Belcea Quartet, plus Nicolas Bone (violin) and Antonio Meneses (cello), play passionately and precisely.” --Sunday Times, 2nd November 2015

With a complete recording of the Beethoven quartets that caused a stir and enchanted concert halls everywhere, the Belcea Quartet is henceforth considered one of the finest quartets in the world. ‘The principle characteristic of their playing is [...] intensity,’ wrote BBC Music Magazine in 2013.

With this new recording, the Quartet tackles another summit of chamber music: the Second Viennese School. With their passion and technical abilities, this breathtaking music, which drastically changed the history of music, rings out in all its force and mystery.

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