CZERNY String Quartets

“The Sheridans are stylish advocates. They match the Viennoiserie with performances oozing that very Viennese quality of Gemütlichkeit. And their impeccable taste, sensitivity and refinement never overload the music with more import than it can bear.” --BBC Music Magazine, October 2015

“Surprises never cease with classical music. Here are solid traditional 19th-Century structures, marvelous melodies, superb counterpoint, finely wrought development sections, and a wonderful ear for voicings so that each instrument is always in the limelight with transparent textures.“ --American Record Guide, September 2015 

The Sheridan Ensemble

Known as a piano teacher, with whose works almost every piano pupil should be familiar and possibly also as a pupil of Beethoven, Carl Czerny enjoys practically no fame as a composer today. The composing maniac (round about 800 published works) acquired a great reputation (and wealth) from piano teaching and writing educational works for the piano and compositions the market expected from him and from which he earned a lot of money. At the moment, seven quartets are recorded, four of which were probably intended for publication. Czerny composed in the tradition of Haydn and Beethoven. Echoes of Mendelssohn can be discerned as well as a romantic style full of drama and profundity of expression. The quartets have only been passed down as manuscripts from Czerny’s estate, which can be found in the archives of the Society of Friends of Music in Vienna.

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