“McCarthy offers good, solid, forthright interpretations, especially of the works that appear in their original form. It is an excellent opportunity to celebrate this unusual corner of piano repertoire. But where this CD wins most is in its symbolism: an unlikely candidate for piano stardom overcomes a massive obstacle and fulfils his dream despite everything. That can do more than offer pleasant listening; it can be an example and an inspiration” --BBC Music Magazine, December 2015 ****

“McCarthy is a fine pianist and the piano sings with a generous tone.” --Gramophone Magazine, October 2015

Nicholas McCarthy (piano)

Born without his right hand, award-winning British pianist Nicholas Mccarthy is a champion of the brave, dynamic world of left-hand repertoire. here, in his first solo album, he scales the heights of expressive and virtuosic possibility, presenting his own and others’ transcriptions of works – many of them classical favourites, such as Puccini’s “o mio babbino caro” and Gershwin’s “summertime” – alongside pieces written especially for the left hand. the result is a fascinating and absorbing programme which traces the history of this unique genre from its nineteenth-century beginnings to the present day.

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