DVOŘÁK & SUK Piano Quintets

"We wanted here to bring together two nearly contemporaneous Czech works: Antonin Dvorak’s famous quintet op. 81 and Joseph Suk’s quintet op. 8. We hope that our recording will help Suk’s quintet to gain notoriety, as it remains, we believe, too little known. Perhaps we will manage to help it achieve the recognition it deserves in the repertoire of chamber music, and place it alongside Dvořák’s masterpiece, who was, let us not forget, Suk’s compatriot, his mentor and father-in-law.

We also hope that the association of these two quintets will help generate appreciation of all the richness of Czech music at the beginning of the 20th century, which marries romantic traditions with folkloric influences, while looking forward to the musical perspectives of modernity." Syntonia, November 2013

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