GUBAIDULINA Complete Guitar Works

"This is a rather special program that I recommend to your attention. It is full of imaginative use of the instruments and produces many beautiful sounds of scoring and unusual techniques such as using a drinking glass to produce a glissando on the guitar strings. Fill ‘er up! The recording is excellent." --American Record Guide, November 2015

"This is a very fine release, and I have no reason whatsoever to complain about it. Gubaidulina’s creativity is matched by her integrity, and while these works don’t leap into the listener’s ear all by themselves, they repay the effort made on their behalf." --Fanfare, November 2015

Sofia Gubaidulina has found a soulfulness and freedom in the guitar which speaks to her musical language of expressive mood and often mysterious but precise sonorities. In both Repentance and Sotto Voce she combines guitars with lower stringed instruments, creating a virtuosic, multi-dimensional and deeply poetic role for each voice. Fascinating new sounds from the guitar are produced,

from the most eloquent chorales to remarkable effects using a drinking glass. The earlier Serenade is ‘music for pleasure’, while this première recording of the Toccata reveals a work with a driving momentum that hardly stops.

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