VIERNE 12 Preludes, Solitude & Nocturne

It is no wonder that Louis Vierne (1870-1937), having been taught by César Franck and Widor, became a famous organist. His most important post was at Notre Dame in Paris, where he was celebrated for his improvisations. As a composer of piano music he indulged in the post-Wagnerian language of his era: highly complicated counterpoint, dense, chromatic harmonies and an exalted, spiritual atmosphere characterise his works.
Release date: 14th Aug 2015

Lithuanian pianist Mūza Rubackytė is a strong advocate of Vierne, having already successfully recorded for Brilliant Classics works by Franck and Shostakovich. She masters the considerable technical difficulties with apparent ease, and has a keen sense of structure and colour.

The cover shows a remarkable painting of the artist, conceived in similar style as the music of Vierne - striking!

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