“The 'Call of the Muezzin' is [a] high point in this excellent performance, Zachary Wilder soaring up to top Bs which in 1844 no doubt set the ladies in the audience all of a-flutter. Good fun all round.” --BBC Music Magazine, June 2015 ****

“On the evidence of this recording, it is a work not merely of charm but rather a forgotten French masterpiece of the 19th century orientalist strand. Equilbey draws expressive playing from her excellent Parisian forces, and the soloists are idiomatic.” --Choir & Organ, May/June 2015

“The work, which draws on David’s own travels through north Africa and the Middle East in the 1830s, is not a narrative so much as a series of three descriptive musical tableaux...Equilbey and her choir, Accentus, perform the score twice here...there is more than enough striking music to make it worthwhile.” --The Guardian, 26th February 2015

“The four movements evoke, with charming local colour, the Egyptian landscape and a caravan journeying across it. This fine performance occupies two discs, one with narrator, one without.” --Sunday Times, 29th March 2015

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