MOZART Violin Concertos

“…Kavakos reveals himself a lucid, urbane Mozartian, lithe and sweet of tone and minutely attentive to the composer's articulation markings. In the main theme of No 5's Adagio, for instance, he slightly separates each group of paired quavers as Mozart indicates, where most players favour a more-or-less seamless legato. This is a particularly lovely performance, with naturally expressive touches of rubato and a sensitive awareness of the darkened, shifting harmonies at the centre of the movement. A deciding factor for some will be the bonus of the late E flat Symphony: a strongly characterised, finely played performance (with some notably dulcet clarinet playing)...” --Gramophone Magazine, November 2006

“…the most impressive performance here is of the late Symphony No. 39, where he brings out all the autumnal quality of Mozart's clarinet-imbued score.” BBC Music Magazine, November 2006 ****

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