GALLO 12 Sonate a Quattro

Gallo was an Italian composer and violinist who wrote sonatas and symphonies as well as music for the church. One collection contains six sonatas for two violins and a second includes thirty six trio sonatas. Gallo achieved his renown, unfortunately, for being associated with the Pergolisi forgeries. A set of twelve trio sonatas was ascribed to Pergolisi, who died in 1736. They were exemplified as early forms of the sonata and of course this was contingent upon the date of Pergolisi's death and that they were in fact compositions by Pergolisi. Most, if not all, were actually compositions by Gallo. Stravinsky even borrowed them in his "Pulcinella" thinking they should be attributed to Pergolisi. 
Release date: 4th May 2015

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