FAURÉ & BONIS Quartets with piano

The Giardini Piano Quartet was born out of the bringing together of four artists who share great affinities: after more than ten years of musical and human complicity, Caroline Donin and Pauline Buet on the one hand, and Pascal Monlong and David Violi on the other, joined forces to concentrate on a repertoire that had long been close to their hearts. Beyond their love of music and their friendship, they approached this piano quartet repertoire with high standards and enthusiasm.

The Giardinis play the most famous quartets but are also involved in the rediscovery of a little-known repertoire, collaborating with the Palazzetto Bru Zane - Centre for French Romantic Music and championing composers less often performed such as Félicien David, Théodore Dubois, Marie Jaëll, Mel Bonis: the latter two doubly overlooked by posterity owing to their being women! Since its creation, the Quartet has already performed in Paris, Berlin, Shanghai, Beijing, Bologna, Rome, Stockholm...

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